2016 – Day 6 – Hide and seek

SYC is nearly heeeere! So looking forward to getting stuck in, meeting with God and friends. It’s going to be amazing!! Here’s a little thought that I think might encourage you as we get ready for SYC.

When she was little, my younger cousin used to love playing hide and seek with me. But she always had her own rules. When it was my turn to hide, she would say “Okay Matt you now have to go and hide in the kitchen under the table and I will come in and say ‘there you are!’ And then we will start the next game, okay?”

Unfortunately for her I am a very disobedient cousin. I would hide somewhere she totally didn’t expect, and after she tried the kitchen she would shout out that I wasn’t in the right place and would run everywhere trying to find me, getting more and more excited as she went. The look on her face when she finally did was amazing, she’d shout and laugh and tell me off with a grin on her face – I loved it!

You see, I wasn’t hiding FROM her – I was hiding FOR her. I really wanted her to look for me and to find me and I would always make sure I could be found.

I want to encourage those who are feeling a bit distant from God before SYC – God is not hiding from you. He’s desperate for you to seek Him, find Him, and share that joy and intimacy. He loves it! He loves you! And God is creative and amazing in the way that he encounters us – let’s not box God in to what we’ve experienced in the past or how we think He should move. Let’s let Him be God and enjoy the In the run up to SYC why not check out Psalm 27 v 4, pray it, spend some time with your Father who loves you massively. You don’t need to be distant – He’s ready to meet you where you are, right now 🙂

Matt Williamson