2016 – Day 7 – Align Yourself

One of the definitions of ‘alignment’ according to Google is this: “alliance, or union with a party, or cause etc.’. So as I get my heart, head and family ready for SYC, I want us to think about that for a few moments.

I believe SYC is going to be the best ever this year. The theme is one of God doing something new in a new place. But in order for it to be the best year ever and truly life-changing we need to make sure we are aligned to the right cause.

In other words, who am I coming to SYC for?

Ask yourself the question: Am I coming to SYC for me, my parents, my youth pastor (to keep them happy!), or am I just giving in to my friends and coming along to stay in with them? The answer to this question changes everything.

I learnt for the first time, at a youth camp 16 summers ago (I know!!!) that there was ONE person worth coming to SYC for, and who’s cause was worth giving my life too; the Person and cause of Jesus. I found a cause that meant that the best days of my life were always ahead, not behind! A cause that meant I could experience life, and life in all its fullness (John 10:10).

As soon as I ‘aligned’ myself to Him and His purposes, something incredible happened in me. Things weren’t prefect, but I’d found purpose. I’d found someone worth living for greater than myself. By aligning myself to Jesus, I’d finally found my purpose.

God has some incredible things in store for us next week, that’s an absolute given. Because Jesus can’t resist turning up when we gather in his name. (Matthew 18:20)

Looking forward to an awesome week together.