2017 – Day 4 – Lift The Shutter

Why are you coming to SYC?

Is it because your mates are? Maybe your parents forced you? Perhaps you love sport? Or maybe you’re hoping to meet the boy/girl of your dreams.

Actually, the reason you are coming is because God wanted you there.

What you say?? Yes, that’s right. The Bible says, “all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be” (psalm 139:16). You may not realise it, but somehow, God has been orchestrating your life behind the scenes to bring you to this moment. He planned it before you were even born! Not so you’ll encounter the boy/girl of your dreams, but so you’ll have a life-changing encounter with the God of the universe, the Lord Jesus.

For this to happen effectively and to make the most of this God-given, God-ordained moment, you need to make sure your heart is ready!

A couple of years back we had our church garage broken into. A lot of equipment was taken. I’m not sure how they got in, but somehow, they did. It’s pretty secure. It has a big roller shutter with a chain (which can be secured) and a lock on the front too. Somehow, they managed to circumnavigate both.

Our hearts are like that garage roller shutter. We spend a lot of our lives with the shutter down, because we don’t want people to come in who will cause damage – sometimes because it has happened before and we’re scared it will happen again. A lot of young people struggle with opening their hearts towards others and we certainly should be careful. In fact the bible warms us to “guard your heart above all things” (Proverbs 4:23). However, there are times when we need to lift the shutter. I believe SYC is one of those times. Not to anything, but to God, so he can bring help and healing to our lives.

God is someone we can totally trust with our hearts – he will only do us good. But he’s a gentleman and won’t barge his way in. He’ll wait on you to lift the shutter.

God is not a thief, but he does what to steal your heart (cheese!!! Ha ha). In all seriousness, get your heart ready by lifting the shutter and letting God in. Prepare to have a life changing encounter!

Dan Lee