2017 – Day 6 – Great Expectations

A conversation that happened last Sunday morning went like this:

Louise (my wife): “Jon, have you packed the kids’ bags for church?”
Me: “Yep.”

Clear and concise we’re a mean lean marriage machine. We’re singing from the same hymn sheet. We’re the dream team. We’re so in tune we keep finishing each other’s…

Twenty minutes later we’re in my office at church for the pre-service prayer meeting and another conversation happened and it went like this:

Louise: “Jon, did you not pack them a hoody or cardigan?”
Me: “Um.”
Louise: “Where’s the baby wipes?”
Me: “Umm.”
Louise: “Where’s their drinks?”
Me: “Ummm.”

There are no words to describe Louise’s face at this point, no emoji comes close. Let’s just say she was slightly disappointed that her expectations of what it meant to have the bags packed weren’t quite aligned with mine.

We all face these moment when we realise our expectations are out of line with someone else’s. Think of any moment anyone’s left you disappointed and it’s almost always because of a gap in how your expectations aligned. “I thought I told you to tidy your room?” Or “I didn’t think the assignment was due until next week.” Or “Oh you meant we were meeting there at 7?”

In John 10 Jesus describes himself as the Good Shepherd and us as His sheep, then says: “I am the Good Shepherd, I know my sheep and my sheep know me.” He goes on to explain that sheep know the voice of the Shepherd – it’s different to other voices, it’s the voice of the one who guides, protects and feeds them.

Why’s this important? Because our Good Shepherd is speaking to His sheep ALL THE TIME. He’s talking to you right now. And right now, as you count down the days to SYC I’m sure He wants us to be full of expectation but what about His expectation to be able to speak with you, share His dreams with you, change you and set you up for the best year yet?

If you can begin to align yourself with His voice, you’ll be ready from day one for a life changing week.

Can’t wait to be at SYC again and hang out with you all!

See you soon,