2 days to go… Hide and Seek


“I love those who love me, and those who seek me find me.”

When she was little, my younger cousin used to love playing hide and seek with me. Every time I saw her she would run up to me, all excited, and ask me to play. Of course, I always said yes. The thing is, she only wanted to play if I played by her rules – she was the youngest of my cousins but was definitely in charge. When it was my turn to hide, she would give me some really specific instructions, saying: “Okay you now have to go and hide in the kitchen under the table and I will come in and find you.”

Unfortunately for her I was a disobedient cousin. I would hide somewhere she totally didn’t expect, and after she tried the kitchen she would shout out, telling me off and saying that I wasn’t in the right place. She wasn’t one to give up though, and so she would run everywhere trying to find me, getting more and more excited as she went. The look on her face when she finally did was amazing, she’d shout and laugh and tell me off and want to play again.

The truth is, I wanted to be found. She wanted to go to the same old place she always looked, but I knew that she would find much more joy finding me somewhere she didn’t expect.

I want to encourage those who are feeling a bit distant from God before SYC – God is not hiding from you. He can’t wait to be discovered by you all over again, in a new way, in a way you’ve never experienced or thought of before. So before you come to SYC, throw off the old habits, throw off the temptation of trying to meet God on your terms, throw off the limitations you have in your minds about how God can move, and get ready to find God in a brand new, life giving way. He’s not predictable, but He is good, and he can’t wait to be found by you.

Matt Williamson