Today is the day!

I do a bit of long distance running… I mean I’m no Mo Farah, but I have a go! I’m currently in training for a half marathon, the aim is to raise money for Home For Good and cross the finish line, in what ever means necessary!!

One thing I have learnt about running is that preparation is key, here’s some of the ways that I prepare for a long run:

  • Eat as much sugar, and drink as many sugary drinks as I can
  • Get as little sleep as possible
  • Wear my best flip flops
  • Dress in as many layers as I can find

I’ll stop there, you’ve probably got the point by now! They would be some of the worst things I could do to prepare for a run!

SYC is amazing while it lasts, but blink and you’ll miss it. These next 6 days are an incredible opportunity to hear God’s voice and direction over your life. We are believing that God is going to bring great victory into so many lives, circumstances and situations.

Here’s some simple things that you can do each morning at SYC to prepare for the day ahead:

  • Get some sleep (even if it’s just a few hours!)
  • Have a wash (please!!!)
  • Read the power verse each morning (you’ll find these in your Event Guides)
  • Spend a few minutes thinking about the power verse, talk about it with your friends/leaders and write down some of the things you feel God is speaking to you about.
  • Before you leave your room, spend a few minutes praying, ask God this simple thing… “please speak to me today, challenge me, direct me, and show me more of who you are”

I promise you, if you can find the time each morning to prepare your day that way, you’ll get so much more out of SYC this year!

Ste Greenow