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SYC Vision


SYC is all about life changing encounters with Jesus.


Our message is counter cultural, we create memories through community, we develop leaders, and we are part of the bigger picture.


Life Changing Encounters

We want to create space, in a safe environment for young people to encounter Jesus in a life changing way. Fresh, relevant and miraculous encounters that are more than a one-off experience.


In everything that we do; in worshipping, in teaching, and in creating relevant programmes, our aim is to point people to Jesus. We put the right people in place on our staff to act as role models. We create a safe environment for young people and leaders to thrive.

Counter Cultural

We want young people to be transformed by Jesus in their own lives so that they become influencers of the world around them, living out counter cultural messages such as grace, purity and generosity.


Our collective times of teaching plus extra seminar and workshop slots are all designed to provide learning opportunities centred on the Word of God which points to how Jesus has called us to live.

Creating Memories

God loves community! We believe the best environment for young people to thrive in is by creating memories in community with like-minded people, learning and growing from a diversity of backgrounds and experience.
Iron sharpens iron!


Everything we do is setup with community in mind; from our main meetings to our meal times, sports workshops and creative streams. All that we do is designed to be fun, dynamic, inspiring and all-inclusive. Creating lasting memories!

Leaders Collective

We are passionate about seeing leaders grow and develop in their character and gifting. Everyone wins when the leader gets better! There is great strength when leaders come together.


We run dedicated teaching streams for our leaders, providing the opportunity to learn from and network with one another. SYC provides a great platform for leaders to learn in action – as one youth leader once commented, “SYC is like a year of Friday nights all in one week!”

We also hold an annual ‘Leaders Collective’ weekend.

Bigger Picture

We create an environment for churches all over the UK to come together and network; there is strength in numbers and it is a great reminder of the bigger picture we are all part of.


Each year at SYC churches from all over the UK come to worship, learn and have fun together! This has helped provide lasting friendships for young people and youth leaders across the nation. We also hold ‘On Tour’ events throughout the year. Through Project Moon we seek to remind young people of the global church, and the opportunity we have to support people in need.